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By-pass protected amino acids increase the protein efficiency in ruminants for a better quality and milk quantity. Lysine and Methionine are the focal points of aminoacids formulation for high-producing dairy cows because they are the most limiting aminoacids for milk protein secretion.

The use of supplemental Methionine and Lysine in aminoacid balanced ration allows for lower ration crude protein level, which reduces ration cost and environmental impact

Sintomet 55 is a protected, bio-available and by-pass form of dl-methionine (dI-2-amino-4-(methylthio) Butyric acid feed grade.

Sintomet 55 contains 55% dl-methionine with a food grade fatty acid matrix which encapsulates the active principle under the form of perfectly flowing white microcapsules. 90% of the product will go through a 540 micron (30 mesh) sieve.

The protection technique used effectively protects the methionine from being broken down by the microorganisms in the rumen and thus Sintomet 55 by-pass is recommended also for ruminants since it perfectly by-passes and is bio­available in the gut.

Methionine is the most limiting amino acid for milk production and high yielding milky cows do not have sufficient endogenous quantities.

Sintomet 55 increases milk production and improves milk quality (more fat, proteins especially casein). Sintomet improves animal health by increasing its defences (immunostimulation) and also acts as a liver protective factor.

Sintomet 55 also acts as a methyl groups donor and actively participates in the most important biosynthesis processes like choline, creatine, adrenaline and so on.


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