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The use of enzymes in animal nutrition is recent, and it’s focused principally in monogastric. When administrated in feed, they catalyze chemical reactions which allow feed component degradation into the gastro-intestinal tract.

Enzymes are used mainly:

  • to enhance bio-availability of feed component (i.e. phytase against phytic acid)
  • to inactivate or destroy anti-nutritional component.

In animals, a better mineral (i.e. using phytase) and nutrient (i.e. using NSP hydrolysing enzymes) utilization is due to enzymes. As a result there’s also a decrease of nutrients lost in manure, with an environmental benefit.

Non starch polysaccharides (NSP) are part of cellular walls of every cereal; they are called also “dietetic fibers”, NSP content vary widely in relation of the kind of cereal and its growth environment NSP are non digestible substances content in vegetal cellular wall. They bind nutritionals that are not free for endogenous enzymes. In addition, their chemical and physical properties enhance the gut content viscosity. The blend of indigested nutrients are reduced by the enhanced viscosity, with the result of a reduced activity of endogenous gastro-intestinal enzymes. Another effect is a lower intestinal transit of nutritionals that interfere with digestion process and enhance negatively bacterial gut proliferation. Wet and sticky faeces and a higher water adsorption are the consequence of a great amount of NSP in poultry feed.

The use of hydrolyzing NSP enzymes in poultry diets brings some benefits:

  • A faster growth and a better feed conversion rate are achieved by a better utilization of feed nutrients.
  • Manure quality and hygienic conditions of production units are positively influenced by a lower viscosity of the gut content and a better feaces conditions.
  • Low water intake.
  • In layers, dirty egg-shells are better avoided.
  • The enzymes’ use brings to a balance of nutritional value of different cereals in use.
  • Poultry feed companies will take advantage form the use 


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