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Unipidol Ca is a source of molecules highly available and not Ph dependant.

Unipidol Ca activates the synthesis of ARGININE in the intestine and the synthesis of Calcium Binding Protein.

Unipidol Ca increases the calcium exchange capability in the intestine, in blood, uterus and uterine fluid.

Unipidol Ca stimulates the synthesis of PROLINE to stimulate the collagen production.

Unipidol Ca improves the diffusion of calcium in the whole body:

• from the intestinal cell to the blood;

• from the blood to the bone;

• from the blood to the uterus;

• from the blood to the muscles.

Mineral feed for pigs:

  • Unipidol Ca allows to maintain calcemia at the right level during after and before farrowing time in sows.
  • Unipidol Ca supplies sows with deficient calcemia after farrowing.
  • Unipidol Ca helps breeders to well complete growing time.
  • Unipidol Ca increases number of piglets
  • Unipidol Ca decreases farrowing times.
  • Unipidol Ca increases uniformity of litter.
  • Unipidol Ca decreases litter losses under the mother.
  • Unipidol Ca increases weaned piglets for litter.
  • Unipidol Ca increases weight of litter at weaning time.
  • Unipidol Ca increases average weaning weight.
  • Unipidol Ca develops better adsorption capacities of sow

 Mineral feed for ruminants:

  • Unipidol Ca allows to maintain calcemia at the rightlevel during calving time.
    • Unipidol Ca stabilizes calcemia quickly after calving
    • Unipidol Ca reduces the risk of milk fever and sub-clinical ipocalcemia.
    • Unipidol Ca reduces the risk of dismetabolic diseases like acidosis, displaced abomasum, metritis, ketosis,
    • These secondary diseases cause more economical losses than the declared milk fever.

 Mineral feed for poultry:

  • Unipidol Ca supplies the main components of the eggshell membrane.
  • Unipidol Ca increases number of collected eggs: +2%.
  • Unipidol Ca decreases the amount of downgraded eggs: -30%.
  • Unipidol Ca increases the laying periods: 3 to 5 weeks
  • Unipidol Ca increases hatchability from 1 to 3% more.
  • Unipidol Ca decreases hens mortality.
  • Unipidol Ca treated broilers have a tibia bone 14% hardner than normal.
  • Unipidol Ca gives better animal well-being more mobility less mortality.
  • Unipidol Ca gives better body weight without modification on carcass yield.
  • Unipidol Ca increases FCR in broiler: 4 to 9% growth.


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