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Mycotoxins are produced by several fungi, particularly by many species of Fusarium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Claviceps and Alternaria. They comprise a group of several hundreds of toxic compounds, mainly aflatoxins, ochratoxins A, trichothecens, zearalenone and fumonisins. Mycotoxins are dipolar molecules, and expose both positive and negative charges on their surface. On the other hand, aflatoxins have a strong positive charge.

This “polarity” is very important for the binding capacity of products like Sintocheck: it is an aluminosilicates based product (HSCAS) with high affinity to aflatoxin (B1,B2,G1,G2).

The choice of using both natural and synthetic clays is studied to obtain a final product having a diversified physical structure: layered for the naturals and clustered microspheres for the synthetics with a wide exchange surface. Between these two components there are also ionic differences (of charge).

The above features allow to increase the binding capacity of Sintocheck, at first for aflatoxin and then forTrichothecens, Zearalenone and Fumonisins at a lower rate even though still important.

It’s very easy to find more than a single mycotoxin into the feed. The toxic responses and clinical symptoms are complex and diverse; there’s more than an additional effect. The threshold level at which symptoms occur may be lower and natural contamination is more toxic than the equivalent amount of purified toxins.

Also, toxicity thresholds vary within species, category and health status and, because of the complicated interactions.  Provided that the good agronomical practises are respected for preserving from the possible onset of the phenomena, it is possible to intervene on the feedingstuff through the use of sequestering agents.


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