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Premix to be used in feed for Poultry, Swine and Calves

 A well balanced mixture of Chestnut Tannin (Castanea sativa) and organic acids in granular form, to make use of the nutritional benefits of both of them.

 The tannin has an astringent effect, it precipitates protein and forms in contact with the intestine mucous membrane a thin layer of nonsoluble proteins on its surface.

This layer protects the intestine mucous membrane from irritation and soothes thus peristalsis prevents the absorption of injurious substances.

Less liquid is excreted in the intestines and the dehydration of the organism is thus reduced.

The added acids lower pH-value in the stomach and activate the pepsin. Anions of acids make complexes with different micro and macro elements in small intestine.

Digestion and retention of these elements increase.

Organic acids affect the intestinal micro-flora determining an improvement in daily weight gain and feed conversion.

Effectivenes of Sintacidomix in pig nutrition:

  • Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders connected with weaning and other risk of animal stress as well as with changes in feed quality. Sintacidomix effectively reduces symptoms of diarrhea and influences the reduction of losses.
  • Under conditions of intensive breeding of pigs Sintacidomix has positive effects on production parameters like growth rate, conversion and consumption of feed.

Effectivenes of Sintacidomix in poultry nutrition:

  • prevention of gastrointestinal disorders connected with low temperature of the breeding place, bad solutions of ventilation and thermal isolation of the breeding building, thin litter or bad quality litter, bad quality of feed, changes in feed quality or feeding system, problematic supply of drinking water, displacement of animals, and in case of other stress factors of the environment.


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